Writing a Successful Resume

As the job market continues to get increasingly more competitive its essential to invest time in your resume.

Although its time consuming, take time to understand the role and research the company advertising. Tailor your resume to the job listing and ensure you highlight relevant experience.

What will make your resume stand out and entice the reviewer to engage with you?

Visual Look: A resume must be visually appealing, perfect grammar and presented in an easy to read format for the reviewer.

Relevant Experience: All resume content in some way must be relevant to the application. It’s not uncommon for candidates to create a series of resumes for varying opportunities.

Multi Skills / USP: What more can the candidate bring to the position that just simply tick the boxes of the search criteria.

Our advice for writing your resume:

1. Tell your story through your resume.

Highlight milestones in your journey! Show your career progression, note major achievements, invaluable experiences and continued education. It’s as important to show who you are as a person than just what you are capable of in the workplace. What is your USP and why should you be selected over others?

2. Invest time and reap the rewards.

Invest time in your resume, create a standout document that serves as a powerful self marketing tool. Make sure your resume aligns with the job brief, you must edit for individual applications allowing specific achievements and experience to shine.

3. Create multiple resumes.

We encourage candidates to create multiple resumes for a variety of roles rather than just a copy and paste approach. Create a series of resumes to highlight specific skill sets that you can quickly edit and submit as required. Relevant experience is one of the key factors that reviewers will first look for.

4. Add hyperlinks to expand your resume.

Keep your resume short, 1-2 pages is the new standard regardless of experience. Use hyperlinks to extend to additional information such as a linkedIn profile, online portfolio’s and websites.

5. Cover note is essential.

Always support with an introduction cover letter or note that highlights the job you are applying for, why you are interested in the role, and try to set up a call for personal interaction.