The Importance of a Cover Letter

A cover letter is not just a formality, it’s your opportunity to make a great impression. Research shows that employers expect to see a cover letter attached to an application as a pre-introduction.

A well-written cover letter is an opportunity impress the reviewer:

First Impressions

A cover letter is your first chance to shine, stand-out and be considered a strong candidate amongst the competition. Showcase your key strengths, grabbing the reader’s attention and encouraging the reviewer to read on with interest.


A cover letter is an important way to highlight your unique skills and expertise that meet the key requirements of the job description. Make the link between your knowledge, experience and abilities and the needs of the employer.


The style in which your cover letter is written can express your personality in a way that your resume never will. It gives the employer an important insight into your personality, character and the kind of traits that could add value to their team. Explain in your own words why you feel you are a great candidate.


A personal cover letter shows you have taken the time to research the company and understand the employer’s needs and working requirements. It is an opportunity to express your enthusiasm and how you can bring unique value. take the time to tailor each cover letter to the individual company and you’ll discover greater success.