Running Golf Coaching Sessions


Running Golf Coaching Sessions


Course Summary – “Running Golf Coaching Sessions”:

This course looks at the practicalities of setting up and running golf coaching sessions for children. There are three modules.

A games-based approach to coaching children golf is described and explained in the first module. To give coaches who are keen to adopt this approach, the module suggests seven guiding questions to help coaches set up appropriate games for coaching sessions which are enjoyable and engaging as well as being valuable in terms of learning.

Module 2 looks at golf course play. It provides a framework which coaches can use to analyse and assess the value and suitability of the golf course playing experiences they are giving children, whether it be when building child-sized golf courses in school hall or on a field or when going out to play on a ‘real’ golf course.

In module 3, a coaching session is described from start to finish from the point of view of the coach. It includes the coach’s thoughts as well as his actions as he prepares, delivers, and reflects upon the session.

Module 1 – Using Games

1. The best way to coach young children
2. What is a games based approach?
3. How to set up effective games
4. Example of games

Module 2 – Playing Golf

1. The game of golf
2. Five guiding questions for golf course play
3. Playing on a real golf course
4. Playing on a child sized golf course

Module 3 – Running a Session

1. Preparation
2. The start of the session
3. Introducing the games and activities
4. During the session
5. The end of the session

Completing the Course:

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include a number of self-marked “stop & think” exercises and a tutor-marked end-of-course assignment, to be awarded the “Promote Training Module in Running Golf Coaching Sessions”.

Certificate Qualification:

This course also counts towards the “The Children’s Golf Coach” Certificate course.

Course Cost:

£80.00 (exc.VAT)

Course Location:

Online Learning

Additional Details:

Study Time: Approximately 8 hours
Time Limit: 6-months to complete
Tutor Support: Included

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