Member Referral & Community Marketing

Member Referral & Community Marketing


Course Summary – “Member Referral & Community Marketing”:

This Modular course is in two parts. The first looks at the great opportunities available at many clubs in promoting member referral campaigns, or member-get-member promotions. The second looks at how a club can reach out the local community and help reduce the perceived barriers-to-entry that many non-golfers believe exist at golf clubs.


Part 1 – Member Referral
– The Benefits of Referral Marketing
– The Key to Successful Referrals
– Popular Referral Promotions
– Encouraging Member-Guest Play
– Point-of-Sale Referrals

Part 2 – Community Marketing
– The Essential Ingredients
– Reaching Out to the Community
– Successful Community Marketing Initiatives
– Getting the Word Out

Completing the Course:

Delegates must complete the tutor-assessed end-of-course quiz to be awarded the “Promote Training Module in Member Referral & Community Marketing”.

Certificate Qualification:

This course also counts towards the “Generating Membership Leads” Certificate course.

Course Cost:

£40.00 (exc.VAT)

Course Location:

Online Learning

Additional Details:

Study Time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours
Time Limit: 6-months to complete
Tutor Support: Included

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