Golf Membership Leads & Appraisal

Golf Membership Leads & Appraisal


Course Summary – “Golf Membership Leads & Appraisals”:
The golf membership marketplace has never been more competitive. Consumers have the power with and unprecedented choice of clubs to join. This course examines the membership marketplace and takes an in-depth look at different membership categories, profiles of member and payment & contract options.

Content: Part 1 – Membership Leads

• Membership Doom & Gloom!
• Membership v’s Green Fee Revenue
• Prospects & Leads
• Three Core Focuses to a Successful Membership
• Profiling Golfers
• Internal Sources of Membership Leads

Part 2 – Appraisal

• Analysing Your Current Membership
• Membership Categories
• Pricing Review
• Benefits & Privileges
• The Membership Benefits Matrix
• Payment Options
• Contract Lengths
• What do New Members Take Away?

Completing the Course:

Delegates must complete the tutor-assessed end-of-course quiz to be awarded the “Promote Training Module in Golf Membership Leads & Appraisals”.

Certificate Qualification:

This course also counts towards the “Generating Membership Leads” Certificate course.

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Course Cost:

£40.00 (exc.VAT)

Course Location:

Online Learning

Additional Details:

Study Time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours
Time Limit: 6-months to complete
Tutor Support: Included

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