Effective Governance for Golf Clubs


Effective Governance for Golf Clubs


Course Summary – “Effective Governance for Golf Clubs”:

This course explains how golf clubs of all types – member-owned and commercially-owned – are able to establish an effective and democratic decision-making structure, ensuring accountability and transparency throughout. It explores how to move a golf club decision-making process to one that is guided by policy ensuring a positive and constructive relationship between the management team and the owners and members.

It attempts to explain how a well-managed golf club would be organised and run in an ideal scenario of collaborative governance, with clear agreement between club committee members, proprietors, staff and management.

This course contains all the information you will need to create your own Club Governance Handbook to ensure you, your Boards and Committees, and your members all will be able to see how decisions are made at your club, who is accountable and ensure full transparency.

It’s very much suited to both Golf Club Managers, or those aspiring to be such, and volunteer golf club Board or committee members.

Content: Section 1

• Defining Good Governance

Section 2 – Golf Club Ownership Structures & Business Models

• Golf Club Ownership
• Example Club Rules & Bye-Laws
• Freehold & Leasehold Land Ownership
• Golf Club Business Models

Section 3

• Incorporation for Not-for-Profit Golf Clubs

Section 4

• Legal Considerations for Golf Club

Section 5

• The Club Governance Handbook

Section 6

• Committees
• Why Have, and How Many Should Sit on, a Committee
• Skills Based Committees and Who Should Make the Decisions
• The Roles of Typical Committees within a Golf Club
• Duties, Roles, Responsibilities and Elections
• Induction of Newly Elected or Appointed Committee Members

Section 7

• Holding Effective Committee Meetings
• The Role of the Committee Chairman
• Planning the Agenda and Rules of the Meeting
• Evaluating Committee Performance and Minute Taking

Section 8

• The Relationship Between the Committee and Staff
• The General Manager
• Head of Departments and Management Reports

Section 9

• Risk Management for Golf Clubs

Section 10

• Club Policies

Completing the Course:

Delegates must complete all units of the course, which include two tutor-marked assignment projects, to be awarded the “Promote Training Certificate in Effective Governance for Golf Clubs”.

Course Cost:

£99.00 (exc.VAT)

Course Location:

Online Learning

Additional Details:

Study Time: Approximately 10 hours
Time Limit: 6-months to complete
Tutor Support: Included

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